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Беленькая Люкс
Period 1. How it all began
During the 19th century, vodka was prepared solely in the home. This craft method of production resulted in the trade of a vodka which was muddy and low-quality. With the introduction in the late 19th century of a state monopoly on production, vodka began to be prepared according to specific standards, leading to a pure, clear drink, significantly different from homemade vodka. With its new-found clarity, people affectionately began to call it “Belenkaya”, a Russian word which translates to “Whitish”. To convey the true purity, transparency and modern manufacturability of our vodka, we gave it this traditional Russian name.
Period 2. Soviet heritage
During the soviet period, same distilleries were producing Belenkaya, saving the traditions and gaining more experience. Moreover, it was the only vodka which started state openly all the ingredients in its blend and which exceeded the already very strict Russian GOST tolerance state standards of quality (implemented that time).
Period 3. Modern times
Our brand entered the Russian market back in 2001, and today Belenkaya is one of the leading traditional vodkas in the vodka motherland, and one of the most popular and best-selling vodkas in the world. Only natural ingredients are used in our vodka. The pure artesian water we use gives Belenkaya a delicate, distinguished taste. Produced and distilled in the traditional way, with special filtration through 13 meters of coal-filter capturing and creating its unique characteristics, unmatched clarity and wonderful taste, Belenkaya continues to find its way into the hearts of vodka drinkers all over the world.
The unique filtration technology of 13 meters of coal-filter allowed us to raise the quality of vodka to a completely new level. Indeed, internal quality standards were developed for Belenkaya that far exceed the requirements of GOST. These requirements are strictly observed by all factories that produce "Belenkaya".

"Belenkaya" was also the first to openly declare the impurities contained in the water and today continues to adhere to the principles of openness and honesty with consumers. Comparative indicators are placed on the front label of each bottle of "Belenkaya".
Беленькая Люкс
The highest quality
of Belenkaya is
achieved by using
charcoal filtration
The unmatched quality of Belenkaya is achieved by using charcoal filtration technology, the most effective distilling method, and this is the reason for our vodka’s legendary purity, taste, and aroma. Charcoal filtration is a special process specific to the production of Belenkaya which helps to achieve totally pure vodka. Only Belenkaya is produced using a 13- or 21-meter-long filtration system which guarantees the highest quality. The vodka spends 9 hours and 45 minutes passing through the charcoal column, absorbing oxygen and obtaining its perfect tasting notes. The charcoal brings out the delicate flavor and extra smooth taste of our vodka.

IMPORTANT! We use birch charcoal, known to be the best type for the filtration process, due to its excellent absorbent qualities. Filtering the vodka through a column of porous birch charcoal removes all impurities.
Water above all else
Belenkaya is made from the purest, healthiest artesian water, with a unique fluid and electrolyte balance as well as a very soft taste. The water is produced according to terroir principles from the company’s own 300-meter-deep artesian wells drilled in Siberian quartz layers, and has unique mineral properties.
Charcoal filtration
Charcoal filtration is the most effective distillation method, which is the reason for our vodka’s unmatched quality, along with its legendary purity, taste, and aroma. Only Belenkaya is produced using a 13- or 21-meter-long filtration system, guaranteeing its high quality which exceeds all of the national standards.
Our vodka masters produce our blends by mixing aromatic alcohols and infusions with natural ingredients. In all "Belenkaya" vodkas, regular and flavored, we use natural honey and infusions of oatmeal, rice, rye, and raisins, amongst others. "Belenkaya" pays special attention to the origin of products - this guarantees the vodka is of the highest quality and taste.
Control filtration and pouring
In the final stage of production, Belenkaya vodka undergoes control filtration, ensuring the crystal transparency of the finished product without any impurities. Immediately before bottling, the bottles are rinsed not with water, but with vodka.
Main line
and limited
Belenkaya vodka comes in a wide range of flavors. Every year a new product is released, whether flavored or regular vodka. Belenkaya was the first on the alcohol market to launch unique collections with the largest retailers, and also annually releases limited editions within the framework of large-scale international events.
The purest water and the high-quality Lux spirit are the key ingredients of this classic Russian vodka. An unforgettable flavor and a noble aroma provide this great beverage with an irresistible sensibility. Only Belenkaya is produced using a 13-meter-long filtration system, guaranteeing the product’s high quality which exceeds all those set by the national standards.
“Belenkaya Extra” is an exceptional product from the Belenkaya line. It is created from carefully-selected natural ingredients, following a specially-developed recipe. Our charcoal filters were increased to 21 meters specifically for “Belenkaya Extra”. Due to this lengthened process of charcoal filtration, the quality of “Belenkaya Extra” is five times higher than the national standards.
Belenkaya Flavored Organic
“Belenkaya Flavored Organic” has its roots in alcohol made from 100% Russian wheat, grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and stimulants. The soils of these Russian farms, on which wheat is grown for "Belenkaya Flavored Organic", are subject to mandatory certification. This vodka recipe is developed according to the principle "nothing but natural ingredients".
Rye Malt
This product was developed according to the classic “bread wine” recipe and the traditional production technology of the 19th century, using aromatic rye malt alcohol and pure artesian water. The craft vodka design was inspired by examples of labels from the time, and emphasizes the authenticity of origin and the uniqueness of the recipe.
Five Grains
This blend is based on natural aromatic alcohol infusions of five grain crops growing in Russia: wheat, oats, rye, barley and rice. During the production process, the grains are manually selected, and their quality is strictly controlled for compliance within internal corporate standards.
Belenkaya Football
In 2018, Belenkaya released a limited edition for the FIFA World Cup, which was held in Russia. Along with our national team and the whole world, we believed that this event would become an international celebration of sports, friendship and solidarity.
Belenkaya Charcoal
To draw consumers’ attention to our main USP – 13 meters of charcoal filtration – we developed a personalized bottle with a charcoal pencil attached to the neck.
Belenkaya Passover
Drinking alcohol based on grains like wheat or rye is forbidden in Israel during Passover. Our decision to use another raw material became very popular in a number of countries.
Bloody Marry
Layer ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice. Garnish with the celery stick, basil leaf and ground pepper.
  • vodka – 50 ml
  • tomato juice – 150 ml
  • Worcestershire sauce – 20 ml
  • Tabasco pepper sauce – 1 ml
  • salt – 1 gr
  • pepper – 1 gr
  • Oyster sauce – 20 ml
  • lemon juice – 10 ml
  • simple syrup – 5 ml
  • celery for garnish – 1 stick for garnish
  • basil for garnish – 1 leaf for garnish
  • Angel’s Breakfast
    Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake, strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with vanilla foam, cocoa and coffee beans.
  • vodka – 50 ml
  • toffee topping – 10 ml
  • espresso – 20 ml
  • coffee liqueur – 20 ml
  • simple syrup – 10 ml
  • vanilla foam
  • ice cream foam
  • coffee beans for garnish
  • grated cocoa for garnish
  • Wine Martini
    Pour ingredients into a mixing glass with ice cubes. Stir well. Strain into a chilled martini cocktail glass. Garnish with basil oil.
  • vodka – 50 ml
  • dry vermouth – 40 ml
  • wine vinegar – 5 ml
  • basil oil – 3 drops for garnish
  • Caipiroska
    Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake well, strain into a tumbler glass. Garnish with lime wedges and lime leaf.
  • vodka – 50 ml
  • quince jam – 1 spoon
  • lime juice – 20 ml
  • simple syrup -20 ml
  • lime – 2 wedges for garnish
  • lime leave – 1 for garnish
  • Roksy Lizard
    Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake well, strain into an elegant cocktail glass. Garnish with mint leaves and kumquat chips.
  • vodka – 50 ml
  • peach jam – 1 spoon
  • lemon juice – 20 ml
  • simple syrup – 15 ml
  • egg white – 10 ml
  • kumquat chips – 1 for garnish
  • mint – 1 mint sprig for garnish
  • White Delight
    Pour ingredients into a mixing glass with ice cubes. Stir well. Strain into a chilled champagne glass. Add prosecco on the top. Garnish with red currant.
  • vodka – 50 ml
  • lemongrass syrup – 10 ml
  • lime juice – 10 ml
  • cherry essence – 5 ml
  • lime leave – 1
  • prosecco
  • red currant – 1 for garnish
  • Black Russian
    Pour ingredients into a mixing glass with ice cubes. Stir well. Strain into a shot glass. Garnish with a small sweet cherry.
  • vodka – 20 ml
  • coffee liquor – 10 ml
  • drambuie – 5ml
  • small sweet cherry – 1 for garnish
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